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Near Death Experiences Prove Christianity rewritten 7/17/2017

Unspeakable Pain

The Torture Victim Who Ended the Torturegate Scandal

By David Andrew Bardes

Chapter 1 – Introduction
2/17/2017 - Brevard, North Carolina

I am going to take you to a place of unspeakable evil beyond the fathom of your imagination; so horrifying some faint from fear, one person peed on themselves. Others trembled, and could not sleep, many had profound, and reoccurring nightmares.

On September 9, 2015, someone at the US Department of Justice, in Potomac Maryland, went to an Internet search engine called “Ask.com,” and searched for “David Bardes Story,” found, and clicked through to my website, confirming I existed. Otherwise, they would never believe the story.

The story passed around the hallowed halls of the US Department of Justice, consisted of the greatest evil one human, could do to another human.

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers, the Bush administration employed a series of torture techniques, banned by the Geneva Convention, and United Nations. One technique, from the US Department of Justice’s list of signed legalized banned torture techniques, was titled “Cold Cell” and “Induced Hypothermia,” which is the forced reduction of your body temperature until you die. Cold Cell torture was employed to brutally torture, and freeze to death, an innocent human, believed guiltier, for resisting. This started what would be a fifteen-year period of governmental actors hiding, covering up, and avoiding any form of accountability. Especially after realizing, Cold Cell torture killed.

There was an underlying story, far more sinister than the CIA’s brutal hypothermic murders, as all Federal judges, including the US Supreme Court, since 9/11, adopted a practice of instantly dismissing every Federal torture lawsuit, just to protect friends, who felt regret, and feared prison.

This produced a grave secondary effect, as it gave the green light to our local jails, youth detentions, state, and federal prisons, that torture was on. Inmates were brutally tortured to death, and no lawyer on earth could ever help them, nor their next of kin, ever file a lawsuit, and win.

One torture technique, almost all our jails and prisons adopted, was to set the thermostat of their air-conditioners to temperatures which froze inmates to death with hypothermia. Many had specially engineered cold cells, just for torture, in blasting cold cells. I found eight citizen-inmates brutally frozen to death, from places all over the country. All locked in cells made so cold by air-conditioners, they could not stay alive, or get out. Some of the dead, in sheer panic, scratched their fingernails bloody into concrete walls in attempts to get out, and stay alive.

I found out about hypothermic torture/homicide, because I was locked in an engineered cold cell, and almost died from hypothermia too. And I have never been accused of a crime. I taught myself the law, and litigated a series of three Federal lawsuits, over ten years, to bring this practice of cold cell torture to an end. On April 15, 2016, the US Supreme Court, on my second time there, voted to no longer dismiss any torture lawsuits, especially those of hypothermic torture/homicide. Ending the torturegate scandal.

Hours later, a Federal judge in Seattle, Washington, did not dismiss a partly hypothermic torture lawsuit, against two CIA torture doctors, who designed and implemented the torture program, and were directed by Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush. In what shocked not just the legal community, but Internationally, the US Courts reversed their long-established fiercely denied practice, which finally unleashed a flood of torture lawsuits from our own citizens to move forward in the courts.

Since then, sheriff’s, youth detentions, state, and federal prisons, no longer with protections from the higher courts, adjusted thermostat temperatures, to levels at which humans can remain alive. Lest, they become broke inmates themselves after being successfully sued. And all Federal judges, and the whole DOJ, have readjusted back once again, to being the vicars of prisoner safeties. No longer required to run immunity over murder, to protect remorseful, guilty friends.

I reestablished the normal and proper functions of justice, and credibility of our US courts, and restored the DOJ, to once again be able to protect the rights of citizens, before it was too late. And stopped the United States, the country I love, from brutally torturing to death its own citizens. It would take me 3,666 days to do so.

I ended up, fully implicating the entire executive power structure, of two Presidential administrations, and all Federal judges, including the entire US Supreme Court. Minus one justice, who died on President Bush2, and Vice President Cheney’s, hurriedly arranged private hunting trip for Justice Scalia, with invitation to join their private International hunting fraternity, at a ranch in way west Texas. To secure Justice Scalia’s key tie vote, against my stop-torture-murder petition, which had just come before the court, for a vote.

I call it divine providence, that the last and biggest obstacle, to stopping the bloodshed, was taken out by what doctors call, an untimely death. Leaving the eight remaining justices, able to end our nation’s second greatest evil.

For those of the three faiths, of the God of Abraham, my story ends with God winning, a total utter and complete victory.

This is not a religious book. More something religious happened to me, and without it, the story cannot be told, or even happen. So, if I offend anyone, please ignore or skip the religious words. At no point, do I try to convert you, or ask you to believe anything. I only reference one bible verse. There are plenty of non-religious, and horrific parts, of the story, to keep interest.

Copyright © 2017 by David Andrew Bardes